Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MBA Fair for 2010 batches

India — September 2009

At the MBA Tour event,
Meet and Discover some of your Ideal Business Schools

» Asia: UCLA, Cornell, Duke, UNC, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan (Global), HKUST, IE, HEC Paris
» US: Wharton, Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, Duke, Michigan (Global), NYU, Indiana, HEC Paris
» Europe: Berkeley, Cornell, Duke, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, RSM, ESADE, Durham, Henley
» India: UCLA, Cornell, NYU, Duke, Queens, ESADE, IE, HEC Paris
» Latin America: UCLA, Cornell, UNC, Boston U, Yale, Ivey, McGill, Cranfield
» Canada: UCLA, NYU, Queens, Ivey, York-Schulich, McGill, Toronto, HEC Paris, Cranfield
And Many More!
Not all schools listed in region/country participate in every event. Visit school websites to see participating cities.

Bangalore September 19 & 20
New Delhi September 22
Mumbai September 26

check this website to for details.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Its time to start things for 2010 batch. 2009 apps were not good enough to get me an interview call even, though I one of the schools interviewed me w/o application.
Its April and I have started thinking about applications and may be taking my GMAT again. I have got a decent score but we know that an awesome score can (not will) convert a ding into an admit and an admit into an admit with scholarship. But still I am not sure about it.
Moreover, these economic conditions add lot to my worries. Everyone is worried I guess. But you always need to take risk if you are dreaming that high.
I hope to be in touch with everything and all of you once again. B-San, my mentor, will be leaving for Emory sometime in July and getting an insight from him will let me know a lot more about B-Schools and an MBA
P.S. spanish classes are fun. have made a lot of friends there.

Friday, March 13, 2009

HKUST dings!

It had been a long wait. and finally HKUST sent me a mail, regretting that they could not offer me an admit.
I submitted my application on 17-Dec (Round 1) and was expecting something by 31st Jan (as the site had mentioned). By 10-Feb, I had lost all hopes.
And now on 10-Mar-09, I got this mail.
Not feeling sad as after 31-Jan it was kinda expected. But my HK application was good enough for atleast an interview call. The essays .. kind of covered everything very well.
I dont know what they (not just MBA schools but everyone in this world) expect and no one knows what might click or what might be a turn off..
so you never know what someone is expecting.. so its better.. rather best to be yourself..
I have got plans?? I dont know..
But right now.. my spanish classes are going pretty well. The professor de espanol es de Espana.. su nombre es Antonio.. jeje

chao.. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plan B

Friends.. I didnt have any plan B
I applied to 2 Bschools - Goizueta Business School & HKUST Business School
Results - Ding from Goizueta and HKUST didnt even bother to reply.

Now I know that any one interested for an MBA should apply to 3-4 schools atleast. But during the application process, I realised that I really need to work upon my profile and improve it.

So now, YES, I have a plan B.
I am going to join Spanish language classes from this saturday. Thinking about some certification in April.
Lets see how things go..
I have already started learning Spanish on my own..
Como Estas?

See ya frnds
or Xaooooo as spanish people say..

Monday, February 2, 2009

My mentor got it :)

Hey guys..
just wanted to share a good news with all of you.
B-San, (I have mentioned quite a number of times in my posts) has got a final call from Goizueta Business School, Emory University with 100% Scholarship.. Now thats a news.
He is awaiting his ISB results as well and is quite hopeful but he ll be flying to Atlanta in July for sure
Congratulations B-San and All the best for your future..

I am really happy :)

His blog is missionmba

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


After applying to HKUST and Goizueta, I am thinking about .. what next.
I was considering NUS, AIM and CEIBS. AIM last date is in April so I am not thinking about it right now. About CEIBS, I will decide after the results of HKUST. And now I am left only with NUS.
I am not getting that feel to apply to NUS.
I have heard lot of a good things about the college but still I am thinking. May be after 2 months of real hard work, I am running away from working hard again. But yes, I need to start again and think about it in a few days. I will decide whether to apply or not by this weekend and start with my essays.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ding from Goizueta!

I didn’t want the first post of new year to be this one. Got a mail from adcom which says:

Dear McCoy
Thank you for applying to Goizueta Business School at Emory University. We appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to the application process. The Admissions Committee has carefully reviewed your application and regrets that we are unable to offer you admission to the Two Year MBA program.......
We hope this decision does not discourage you from pursuing your MBA. If in the next year you have additional information which you feel would strengthen your application, we welcome you to re-apply to Goizueta..